• New beginnings and I now celebrate my self-worth in ways that make me happy everyday.
  • When mind, heart and spirit align you shine from your “True Essence”
  • I now choose to nurture myself with love and respecting knowing that I am always safe to be myself
  • Today I choose to respect myself and to acknowledge my worthiness

Springtime is when we can see nature begin to bloom, the energy shifts as we begin to feel lighter. Through this inspiration from nature we can begin to bloom as well. Through this workshop you can begin to map out your vision and become excited about what you will receive in life. You can develop the skills to begin your healing journey, and choose which way you wish to grow in your own life, whether that be personal or work related. Lorraine will inspire you to begin to ground your intentions, opening your mind space to the opportunities around you.

Say good bye to New Year’s Resolutions as you create your vision map and plan for the next 3 months. This workshop will be like no other that you have been to. You will be wanting to come back for more.

Workshop Name



9 am To 12:30 pm


11th October 2016


Dakabin QLD 4503



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What You Receive

  • Love Energy Silver Aroma Locket, beautiful, light and the perfect way to uplift and remind you of your Authentic Worth and Brilliance every day.
  • Walk away with your vision board – designed so that you can add new inspiration and changes
  • Informative Workbook – Creating your intention for the next 3 months.
  • A set of chalk markers
  • New leaf of life

Your Outcomes

  • Learn to be able to release at least one limiting belief
  • Create a new belief and path
  • Discover more clarity on what you’re choosing in life
  • Develop knowledge and clarity on where you want to go
  • Develop your vision for life
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