• New beginnings and I now celebrate my self-worth in ways that make me happy everyday.
  • When mind, heart and spirit align you shine from your “True Essence”
  • I now choose to nurture myself with love and respecting knowing that I am always safe to be myself
  • Today I choose to respect myself and to acknowledge my worthiness
Being tongue tied can go deeper than just saying the words.

Being tongue tied can go deeper than just saying the words.

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Do you recall when you have been in a situation where you are ready to answer a question and when asked your words  seem to get stuck in your throat or jumble out your mouth?

How about feeling very confident when you are about to go into a network meeting or party just to find that insecurities creep in?

How about, you are about to do a test when suddenly you get anxious and seem to have lost all you have learnt?

If you have experienced any of these 3 situations or maybe something similar what do you end up saying to yourself. Do you beat yourself up with your self talk?

When connecting with a person the words spoken hold only 7% in the connection process. How is it then that we can have such a low connection with a person if words hold only 7%? Especially if the saying runs true “don’t judge a book by its cover” is anything to go by.

Could it be that due to the fact that our thoughts each day are 70% negative ones which we either delete, store, distort or generalize? Add to the mixture that we operate from a 95% habitual thinking pattern. It is any wonder that 7% word scan hold so much power when it comes to connecting with a person. It is known that we are consciously making sure that we say the correct words to not offend a person. Remember though again this only holds 7% impact, so where does the rest come from.

The power or disempowerment of our words.

Then could it be said that the program that is our unconscious mind the 95% habitual thinking pattern is the key. How wevalue our-self, believe in our-self, what our self-worth is in our mind comes from the 95% habitual thinking. So if we have low self-esteem and do not believe deep within that we can be, do and have anything we set out to achieve then the 7% words that are spoken can be quite powerful or disempowering. We are able to have between 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day which through filters become distorted, deleted, generalized and reframed. With this in mind how do you know if your wordsare from your values and beliefs?

Does the value and belief in ones-self affect the words we say?

The other 93% of our connection to a person is made up of physiology and tonality. This percentage is very close to the 95% habitual thinking. So this brings me to the words that we are saying to our-self and the thoughts that we have of our-self in regards to the physiology connection. What value and belief is stored in the habitual mind, the unconscious mind that does not serve a purpose now?

The interesting part is that the 7% words connect to the vale and beliefs that were introduced to us by the age of 7 and earlier. Some have come along later in life yet our physiology and tonality can possibly be a connection to the child within us. So if self-worth is connected to how we value our self and self-esteem is connect to how much confidence we have then the words we say to our self and others can be very powerful. How and where does your habitual operating pattern come from? Do you have more confidence than self-worth or more self-esteem than confidence? When we trust, love, value and believe in our-self then the words that we speak to our self and others align with our mind, heart and spirit. The result the “Authentic YOU”.

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