• New beginnings and I now celebrate my self-worth in ways that make me happy everyday.
  • When mind, heart and spirit align you shine from your “True Essence”
  • I now choose to nurture myself with love and respecting knowing that I am always safe to be myself
  • Today I choose to respect myself and to acknowledge my worthiness
YOUR Mind to Inside Health!

YOUR Mind to Inside Health!

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Come on now “heads up” about health. Your health, my health, family health, society’s health. We see and hear so much about what, when and how we eat also what, when and how much we could exercise. Portion control, good foods, bad foods, fats, sugars, salt. Let’s get straight to it, it’s a no brainer really, “it’s YOUR choice”. Surprise!!!! Or did I surprise you? YOU choose not to eat well or not to exercise, it’s your mind, your decision and it is in YOUR control one way or another.

With respect to the small percentage of psychical and mental ill health, where a medical diagnosis has proven to show evidence of an imbalance of mind and body.

Heads Up About Health

So what about the health of YOUR mind? One of the situations where we take it for granted because we truly can’t see it. Nurturing your mind is the most important decision YOU will ever make and the most valuable gift that YOU can give yourself.

Accepting, understanding and reconnecting with “YOUR True Essence” your divine birthright. Yeah ok, you think you have heard it all before. Well guess what you haven’t – have you heard me, spoken with me? Then you haven’t heard it all before.

Reconnecting with “YOUR True Essence” is a vital component to true happiness, an Abundant Life Live It happiness, balance, clarity, excitement & empowering to YOUR being. Pure True Essence ~LOVE~ of whom you are, your dreams, ambitions, passions, desires and outcomes you look forward to in life. I understand that the most important moment in time is right now, this second and every second forward. So recap, optimal health “it’s YOUR choice” now as the flow of water from the fountain nearby serenades and fills the air with renew energy and life.

Refresh the Links

What are YOU going to do about YOUR life? Did you know that though you may have a thriving business or relationship, which is great by the way? You are more than likely to still not be living YOUR life from “YOUR True Essence”. The pure love, the congruency of beliefs and values which align and balance with the excitement of life.

Taking me back a few years now as I recall hearing a teacher’s voice say “heads up now and pay attention”. This now rings so true to me “heads up”, our mind, the garden of our being, the most powerful computer that there ever was and will be. We all have stored our unique life’s story in our memory bank. When was the last time you pulled out the weeds or did a de-frag with YOUR mind?

Use the Key to Unlock YOUR Treasure.

Where are you today? Do you really dream about how you would like YOUR life to be, awesome more than comfortable? When do you see yourself living that life? What’s been stopping you? You possibly may realise and feel that you have been doing all it takes to live that dream. If so, then what’s stopping you? If I were to ask, place your arm up if you have at least 3 challenges that you are not quite happy with. This could be in any of the 10 sectors of life. Asking this question is to have you really look at what you are choosing. If you look at the “Essence of YOUR Soul” continuance, you may see or feel an imbalance in other areas of your life that could be affected. Even the areas that seem to be free flowing.

Health is so important “YOUR mind” is the key to optimal health. What you say to yourself, one the keys to unlocking the treasure within YOU? Are you ready to get YOUR power back? Come on now “heads up” about health, YOU know YOU can.