• New beginnings and I now celebrate my self-worth in ways that make me happy everyday.
  • When mind, heart and spirit align you shine from your “True Essence”
  • I now choose to nurture myself with love and respecting knowing that I am always safe to be myself
  • Today I choose to respect myself and to acknowledge my worthiness
Mind Your Feet with Helen Ryan

Mind Your Feet with Helen Ryan

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I was lucky enough to take part in Helens show to discuss all the wonderful gifts life can awaken within us. Please follow the link below to listen to our discussion about mindfulness and meditation.

My show today is all about having fun with mindfulness and all the wonderful gifts it can awaken in us. Helen guest is Lorraine Enright, who is a long time practitioner of mindfulness and meditation. Aside from many qualifications in NLP, Life Coaching, Tuned Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy Lorraine has lived alongside mental illness and will share her tips for managing that illness with mindfulness.

Lorraine Enright is the owner and MechanicalMIND Coach of Certitude Life Coaching located on the northside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is a certified and qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Tuned Energy Healing, Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Published Author.

“Along with my experience of living alongside Mental Illness for 53yrs, I myself have been challenged by depression. It is a topic that is close to my heart. With 1 in 5 Australians that will struggle with a Mental Illness in their lifetime. My mission is to change the stigma associated with Mental Illness. Where people acceptingly speak about it and have it known that individuals that are challenged by depression or anxiety are capable, talented and strong.

I specialize in building confidence and self-worth which I believe are the main factors that are the driving force for success in everything that a person does.

Through Certitude Life Coaching, I teach and coach clients about the power of the unconscious mind, and how the unconscious mind communicates and creates our reality.