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When does it get easier or does it ever?

When does it get easier or does it ever?

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How do we stay strong and help our loved ones when their illness returns? I am the support for my mother as she continues to not give in to the disease of cancer. It has stayed dormant for a year & a bit which has given her more time with her family. I had known in the past that my mother was not ready to be taken by the disease so I persisted to find a way for her to be with us longer. What I mean by that is, my mother has been fighting her demons associated with mental illness for many years, all my life at least. When we found out that cancer had invaded her body, I discussed with the doctors about her medications & what we could change as my mother did not & was not ready to die. Amazingly my mother recovered with much energy & readiness to continue to live, it seemed a bit of a miracle. The 5 tumors in her brain have gone, the growth in her lungs, liver & adrenal gland had all shrunk. This was truly amazing!!!!
Now we have just found out that all the tumors have began to increase in size & the drug is no longer working as affectively as before. I have known of course that at sometime it could all return & that this was a blessing to have this extra quality time. I am truly grateful for it. Even though all of this I find it just like a kick in the guts to hear it again & to know what may be ahead for my mum.
Does it ever it easier or do we just place a big barricade up? It is such a rollercoaster ride & I am not one for enjoying them at the best of time. My mother is such a strong woman & has dealt with a lot in her life. It just saddens me to know what her life is going to be like as time goes on.
Do we bury our hurts, guilt, anger & create such disease? It is described as being not at ease with who we are & our life hence the word disease.
I would love to hear other thoughts on this topic. Blog me how you feel about disease & if you agree about what we bury in our bodies. Does it then fester into a disease or illness? Do we create the relationship between our emotions, our unpleasant experiences & disease in our body?
~ Lorraine ~