• New beginnings and I now celebrate my self-worth in ways that make me happy everyday.
  • When mind, heart and spirit align you shine from your “True Essence”
  • I now choose to nurture myself with love and respecting knowing that I am always safe to be myself
  • Today I choose to respect myself and to acknowledge my worthiness
Creative and having a go – go for it. WINNER

Creative and having a go – go for it. WINNER

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Failure is this true or is it feedback?

Have you ever taken some action to achieve a result and the result was not quite what you wanted?

What about when you have driven to meet someone and got lost?

As a parent you have just shown your child how to do something and they just haven’t quite mastered it?

Are there truly failures? When someone repeatedly does the same actions to create new results is that failure or is it just that they have not truly learnt the feedback from the previous actions. Some may even call that insanity, madness or crazy which then that in its self becomes interesting. Due to the fact of they say if you can recognise the traits in others we then have them in our self. If you have made the attempt to do something as the saying goes you have “gone for it and had ago” and did not quite get the result you were after is that failure?

Let’s look at the basic dictionary wording – Failure – failing, lack of success; person or thing that fails.

Let’s look at the basic dictionary wording – Fail – be unsuccessful, become weak, cease functioning, neglect or be unable, disappoint, become bankrupt, declare to be unsuccessful. – Failure.

Wow, I am now wondering how most of us even keep going. With those descriptions above about the things we have done in our life and not had the desired result we may have been wanting.

Let’s now break it down a bit:

Be unsuccessful, lack of success; does this mean that all that choose not to have success or be unsuccessful are failures. No

  • Become weak, cease functioning, be unable; does that mean people who have achieved so much in life and through others circumstances, car accidents, growing old, have a disability or disease are failures. No
  • Neglect or disappoint; does this mean that when children or adults do best they can with the knowledge they have or sometimes may forget something are they then a failure. No

I now need to bring in the wording for Failing – weakness or fault; in default of. This just gives all the descriptions in the basic dictionary that I have in front of me now.

Weakness or fault; does this mean that due to the fact that the strength in my arms may not be able to lift a car (weakness) or that I have a hereditary health issue that I am at fault or am I purely misguided. Am I a failure? No. I am a WINNER.

Creative and having a go – go for it. WINNER

Failure, fail or failing are such harsh and damaging words to our minds and to our children minds. If we learn something and we take the positive approach from our actions of “did you have a go or go for it” then no-one is a failure. Doing the best at that moment in time then after you think that you could have done even more then you are a, WINNER. Awareness at that point in time whatever you had done was the best at that particular moment, WINNER. The learning or the realization that you could have given more again means you’re a, WINNER. If you could have gone back and done it again sure you may have had a different result though at that particular time you did the best that you could at that point in time.

Our society and the worlds conditioning to this word is saddening and creating people and children to not have a go, to not show the strength and creativity that is within them. We need to encourage and nurture ourselves and our children. The next generation that will possibly be the ones to bring love, peace and positivity to our world.

Here are some tips and guidance to help you continue to know you are a WINNER.

  • Know that you are a person with love, wisdom, confidence and very capable in whatever you do. WINNER
  • You choose your level of success in life whatever that may be. WINNER
  • When you choose to go for it and have a go at something in your life you do the best you can do at the particular point in time. WINNER
  • When you learn the positive learning’s from that moment you strengthen your mind and grow. WINNER
  • When you continue to learn and grow each day. WINNER
    When you take positive action moving forward to your goal or what you truly want. WINNER
  • You are successful, you are here today reading this WINNER
    Remember every thought you have helps create the action you do which will give you feedback. WINNER
  • How do you choose to use that feedback, you know you are a WINNER.

To help lift your emotional state. Take 2 to 5 mins and use this strategy before you get out of your car, when you go to the loo, shut the door at your office, before you leave for an appointment or where ever you can. Close your eyes and think of a time you were extremely happy, successful, energetic, loved or confident a WINNER and take slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this 3 times breathing that state through your heart to every part and cell of your body. Now think of your favourite colour and surround yourself with it while taking 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you open your eyes think of that time and colour knowing it is with you whenever you need a lift.

♥♥ Believe in who you are and what you can achieve. You are the only one who can determine this by the desire you possess to create your success. You are your greatest asset. ♥ WINNER ♥

Go for it – have a go WINNER.