• New beginnings and I now celebrate my self-worth in ways that make me happy everyday.
  • When mind, heart and spirit align you shine from your “True Essence”
  • I now choose to nurture myself with love and respecting knowing that I am always safe to be myself
  • Today I choose to respect myself and to acknowledge my worthiness

Lorraine Enright

Lorraine Enright is the owner and MechanicalMIND® Coach of Certitude Life Coaching located on the north side Brisbane. Lorraine is a certified and qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Tuned Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Published Author. Living alongside Mental Illness for over 50 years and also going through the challenges of anxiety and depression herself, this is a topic close to her heart. Lorraine is a qualified, passionate and powerful Coach/Holistic Healer whose authentic approach taps into what lays beneath the surface. Lorraine’s mission is to change the stigma associated with Mental Health. Specializing in re-igniting ones self-worth and self-esteem, Lorraine taps into the cause which then re-ignites the light inside. In doing this it shines and shows her clients the way forward to living from their brilliance and magnificence.

The Purple Crown

If we refer to the colour of the Chakra we can see that when we come from the mind, heart and spirit the affects can be a magnificent wonder with every step taken and around each corner.

Violet is the colour of the Crown chakra. This is linked to the crown of the head, the nervous system, and the brain and is representative of pure thought. Opening this Chakra will tap into the unconscious and a deep spiritual understanding. The physical effects of the colour Purple are: calms the mind and nerves, encourages creativity, uplifts.

The Heart Chakra

Green is the colour of the Heart chakra. This is linked to our heart, lungs,
circulatory system, cardiac plexus and the complete chest area. The physical effects of the colour green are: relaxes mentally as well as physically, helps
alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety, soothes and offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony.

Connect your self development with the name Certitude – sureness, assurance, belief, confidence, positivity brings it together and you have living from your “True Essence”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, guide and re-educate people to find their worth, to back and trust themselves. and go from mind clutter to mind clarity. To release negative limiting beliefs and decisions and to let go of negative emotions such as anger, fear, doubt, worthlessness, anxiety and stress and to hold no regret.
Knowing that you can Envisage your outcome, Abound with your qualities and potential and Create your path to live the life you truly desire. Living the authenticity of your “True Essence” your worth a life filled with love, health, happiness and success.

Certitude Life Coaching was a dream and then became a goal which came from my interest in the mind and how we react and attract things into our lives. Owning a business with my husband in the finance industry I incorporated my passion of Life Coaching in our business for many years. During this time, my father became quite ill with Dementia and my time was then needed to help him get through his day. Watching a strong, independent and proud man become a shell of what he once was gave me even more drive to pursue my passion. Hence Certitude Life Coaching was launched January 2010.

In our day we function 95% unconsciously through habitual thoughts, our MechanicalMIND®, old values, beliefs and decisions. It is understandable that at times we may not even know why we have reached a certain level of unhappiness or lack of fulfilment or not reached our goal. When we take responsibility, be accountable for the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions enhancing our conscious awareness we can live in the present moment. When you release blockages and habitual thinking that does not support you now, which can restrict and keep you stuck in a rollercoaster ride it can open you up to the space of total possibilities. You can then move forward with more mind clarity and live from your “True Essence”.

You can then enjoy the journey of life with the people you love, filling it with new values, beliefs, thoughts, actions and things you choose. You have within you the power and wisdom to achieve greatness and success at whatever level you desire. The role as a passionate and powerful Coach/Holistic Healer is to support, encourage and re-educate you so you can prosper abundantly and live life as you want to, as you deserve to.

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